Blood Tea

Project Overview
In 1930, British colonisers evicted Kenyans from their fertile lands, murdering and enslaving entire families. Now, survivors are suing the United Kingdom.
My Contributions
Correspondent: Melanie Cura Daball
Producer: Deutsche Welle (DW)
Camera: John Irungu
Short Documentary
Director & Producer
Nov 2019
It's almost been a century since the white men came to steal the country's most fertile regions, evicting the Talai and Kipsigis from the lush lands they'd owned from time immemorial.

Families were separated, murdered, enslaved and raped. Now the last survivors and their families are suing the UK government, their former colonisers for reparations, hoping to reinstate some justice before they die.

Update: Since this report, Ludiah has passed, without an apology, without any reparations for her suffering nor the property forcefully taken from her family by British colonisers.